Alternative to Steel Grating

Steel Grating is old technology.
Steel grating is yesterday’s solution and a common cause of injury.
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The most common causes of workplace injuries are slips, falls, and back strain. Heavy steel grates are often slick when wet or worn out, and when exposed to rain, sleet, snow, ice or chemicals, steel can be extremely slippery and can warp and crack, making an uneven surface that contributes to trips and falls.

Worn out, rusted, damaged, weak, dirty looking steel has an awful appearance.
Rusty, heavy steel grating looks unsafe and difficult & expensive to maintain and clean. Paint only lasts so long on steel grating and the color never seems to last and hold onto the steel. Rusted metal is the universal sign of well-used, worn-out steel in any workplace environment.

There is finally an alternative to rusting worn out steel grating, see Fibreglass Grating